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Faithe's Story

     Faithe Morris Norrell is a self-taught artist who has experience painting on various media. She specializes in the juxtaposition of vivid colors and abstract lines but also paints exotic themes, flowers, cityscapes, and folk-art style portraits. Her human figures suggest the style of folk, cubist, and abstract artists.  She also creates multi-media pieces incorporating collage, paint, photographs and found objects.

     While living in California in the mid to late 1980s, she began painting on clothing. Most of her designs were flowers on “sweat suits.” Now, most of her designs are on denim or linen. Her clothing line is called “Pleasin’ Honi.” The designs are hand painted, often embellished with colored stones, rhinestones, fabric, trimmings or other whimsical details.

       “There has never been a time that I don’t remember having a vision and carrying it out.”  Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, in the 1950s when formal art lessons were not available to a child of color, she has a God-given gift for color and balance and expresses herself through practice and experimentation which expands her craft. 

   “It has been an exciting journey to arrive at this point where my art is solicited, commissioned, collected and appreciated by others outside of my village.” She has exhibited at the Crossroads Art Center, The Spotlight Gallery, The Walton Gallery, and Capital One Corporation’s Richmond Campus, Richmond City Hall, and private art shows. She has had numerous pieces selected for juried shows and art auctions. Many of her paintings are in numerous private collections throughout the country. One of her paintings was featured in Virginia Living magazine. She recognizes that her gifts of balance and color are the hallmarks of her work.

      Faithe Norrell is a retired teacher, Media Specialist/Librarian. She is the past president and alumna member the Richmond Chapter, Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, and the Richmond Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. She is the past president of The Girl Friends, Incorporated, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, The Council of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a member of the Education Committee of The United Way of Greater Richmond (VA), and president of the Board of Hope For Humanity which supports a secondary school in South Sudan, Africa,


To view a sample of Faithe’s art visit: or visit Facebook at Faithe’s Art and on Instagram@faithenorrell.

Contact:  804-350-0852

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